Weekly blog 1

Hello and welcome to my blog!!

To just jump right in, I’m not 100% sure what this post is meant to be about. I know I’m meant to use this blog as a means of documenting my learning and progress in several courses but for this specific post, I’m not sure.

To begin, I have some experience with WordPress and maybe a tiny bit with technology. Last year, I lived in Paris and worked as an au-pair (a nanny) for a year and I blogged my way through that (you can find that here). I think more than anything my blog was a way for me to document my experiences. I did like blogging and figured out how to do some interesting things with my blog in terms of graphic design and just I’m capable of with the internet. I stopped blogging once I moved back to Canada because I didn’t really feel that I was doing anything worth sharing with the world further than my Instagram.

Eiffel Tower at 6am

I’m looking forward to blogging again and I am REALLY looking forward to my passion project. I hope to focus on health and fitness and become a healthier version of my already pretty fit self. I want to make a new Instagram account just for my health and fitness and create some goals in regards to my nutrition and body.

Something I worry about is time as a factor, as I don’t have much of it (like most students). I find that once I get going and once I have something to write about I am totally fine. The bit that usually takes me the longest is finding images to accompany my posts and getting the posts to look absolutely perfect before posting them. I just want my blog to look nice!!!

Overall, I am looking forward to seeing what this semester brings!!



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