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7-Day Sugar Detox and Building a New Instagram and New Habits

So for my passion project, I am focussing on my health and nutrition. As a goal, I would like to clean up my diet, lose 10 pounds, and gain a better understanding of my overall health.

round yellow and red fruits
Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com

I have grown up playing sports from a very young age. I played soccer from age 6 to age 17 at a competitive level. I swam very competitively from age 9 to 18 at a provincial level and was quite fit and accomplished. I also have been skiing and snowboarding regularly for my whole life. Once I quit swimming, I began to competitively weight lift in Olympic Lifting. I only did this for one season but ended up winning bronze at the youth provincials. Currently, I am not in any organized sports. I aim to go to the gym and do strength training and cardio about 5 times per week.

To kick-start this little fitness “journey” (I actually don’t like calling it a journey, because I feel like it should just be a lifestyle), I decided to do an added sugar detox. I have ALWAYS  had a sweet tooth. I love sugar. I crave candy, and cake, and chocolate all the time. After doing some research, I decided that a little break to reset would be beneficial for my body. The purpose is to reset my body’s cravings and to re-energize myself.

I began this detox 3 days ago and so far it has been interesting. I did not realize how much added sugar is in such normal foods. From ketchup to bread to yoghurt, there is so much sugar in our food!! I haven’t broken the detox yet but I have been tempted. I’ve been trying to really up my healthy fat intake, in an attempt to keep my cravings down. For example, I’ll add a tablespoon of MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil or coconut oil to my oatmeal or smoothies in the morning. I’ve also been focusing on my water and protein intake and focusing on getting tons of sleep. Once I’m finished this detox, I hope to be able to add sugar back in slowly. I miss things like granola bars and strawberry yoghurt so I’m excited to add those back in.

I made a new Instagram account just for my fitness and nutrition. This actually ended up being a bit more complicated than I had thought it would be. I had to make a new email and everything to go with the new account. Once I made the account (@_howtoliv), I followed all the health and fitness accounts that I follow on my normal Instagram and then went from there. I haven’t started following any of my friends or anyone that I know yet, because I’m not sure what their reaction will be. I think it will be fine but they might have a little giggle initially. My next goal for my Instagram will be to take and edit some new photos so that I actually have something to post. I definitely want to take some photos of my supplements and my breakfast routine. I also would like to film some of my workouts and post those. And I would like to take body progress pictures and take pictures of my meals and meal prep.

Some new habits I would like to focus on:

  • Waking up consistently at the same time
  • Keeping a consistent food journal
  • Doing strength training 3-4 times each week
  • Doing cardio 2-3 times each week (varying between HIIT and LISS)
  • Swimming once each week
  • Cut down on my alcohol consumption (3-6 drinks per week)
  • Walk to work when possible (1.8km)
  • Eat consciously and avoid added sugars during the weekdays




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