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Ed. Camp Reflection

I found that I really benefitted from the ed camp experience we had in class time today. Our group was focused on the topic of “Are we being too accommodating for students?” with the sub-question “Is discomfort always a negative thing?”. The conversations that spelt from this topic were very interesting given what we are currently learning in our program.

Our group was not in complete agreement on this topic. Some people find that yes, we are being too accommodating and that our students will not be ready for the “real world” when it comes time for them to leave the classroom. Others find that no, we need to continue to accommodate our students and catering to their own specific needs.

A point that was made that resonated with me was a discussion of whether or not comfort and accommodation are exclusive.  I find that I tended to feel that if we are accommodating a student, we are making them comfortable. When in reality, we might just be making the experience not traumatic for the student or just a tiny bit easier for a student. This also stemmed the conversation that as teachers, we must know our students know when it is appropriate to push them, and when we need to let them decide how they are feeling and if they are ready for something. This is where scaffolding our students comes into play and when we must build them up to be able to independently succeed.

As a professional, it is imperative to be constantly learning. Especially as a teacher in a world that is constantly evolving and as we work with new and different students each year, we must be prepared to learn and adapt to our new students’ needs and abilities. We must be constantly learning about our students but also about the world that we are teaching these students to understand.


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