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Trello and Twitter

Both Twitter and Trello were completely new to me. I have been on Twitter to look at hashtags or keep up with trends that are happening (gotta stay hip, right?) but I haven’t had my own account or gone very far into it.

At first, I was definitely apprehensive about creating a Twitter. I just felt like it would be one more social media that I didn’t really need, one more stream of annoying emails in my account, one more password to remember, etc. I did not realize the potential for learning and networking through this social media. After being introduced to the idea in class, I decided to make an account. The process was super easy to create an account, all I needed to provide was a user name (@_teacherolivia) and provide my email and create a password. I have followed the hashtag #edci336 to keep up with this class and I have also followed several educators in BC. Each day that I am on Twitter, I continue to see the benefits that come from this network and the ways in which it connects educators.

To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of Trello and even after a brief introduction in class, still had zero idea what it was. It wasn’t until my one-on-one meeting with Valerie that I realized what it was. I am still very new to the concept but so far I think it is a way to organize projects and to create to-do lists. I am such a list person. I carry around a planner with me everywhere as well as a notebook and a food journal because I feel the need to constantly have lists to keep myself organized. So far I like that I am able to create new lists on Trello and that I am able to move things over once I have completed the task. I also like that my prof is able to share information with me that pertains to exactly what I am looking for. I’m excited to see what else I discover about Trello!


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