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New Fitness Goals

These past few weeks of really focussing on my training and nutrition have been great. I am seeing a bit of progress, which is very encouraging.

This past week I entered the entry draw for the Sea Wheeze half-marathon in August. I was fortunate enough to have been drawn to register and run this half marathon. This race is super popular, hence why there is a lottery to even be able to register. This was my first year applying for the race so to be selected is super lucky. The race is held in downtown Vancouver and a big chunk of the race is run along the sea wall. The event is a Lululemon event and I am a huge Lulu fan so I’m very excited. This has also forced me to start running regularly because I definitely want to have a successful run in August. My goal time is 2:20 for the half marathon which is super ambitious. I am going to need to train loads if I want to achieve this.

My fitness has been improving with all the workouts I’m doing and I am loving this. I have recently come up with three new goals in relation to my fitness. I am a very goal-oriented person and love having something to work towards. My new goals are:

  • Run 5k in 25 minutes
  • Hold a handstand for 10 seconds and descend somewhat slowly (without falling out of it)
  • Reach my middle splits when stretching

The 5k goal is in relation to my overall fitness. If I am able to run 5k in 25 minutes, I feel that my fitness will definitely be at a high level. Currently, I can run about 3.8k in 22 minutes so I have some work to do. I hope to run 2-3 times each week to achieve this goal and to help with my half-marathon training.

My goal for a handstand is something I would’ve never thought of before this year. I was actually working with some kids in the summer and they were doing handstands and I was pretty inspired that they were so strong. Right now I can do a handstand for 3 seconds but then I fall over on to the wall. I’ve been doing at least 3 handstands against a wall each time I go to the gym in an effort to achieve this goal. Eventually, I need to start doing them without the wall but I am scared to fall over and injure or embarrass myself.

I would say that my biggest downfall when it comes to training and working out is that I neglect to stretch. I know I should always stretch, so I don’t know why I choose not to. The goal of being able to do the splits will hopefully help me to stretch after each workout. I am getting pretty close to the splits now so I want to be able to do them soon.




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