EDCI336 · Edtech · intellectual property

Intellectual Property

In class last week we learned and discussed topics related to intellectual property. I learned the most about creative commons. I knew a bit previously about copyright and what to use and what not to use but I didn’t realize there was a “happy medium” of creative commons.

Through exploring the Creative Commons website, I was able to find out which license would be most appropriate for my own blog. The license chose was the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International . This means that people can adapt and share my work but not for commercial use. I found the website to be very user-friendly and easy to follow.

The site even had an icon that I could put on to my own blog to let others know about my license. I was able to copy and paste the code into my blog and then the icon and license were put at the bottom of my feed.

Prior to this class, I was not aware of Creative Commons and have found that this is an ideal way for educators and alike to share their work for the benefit of themselves and their colleagues.



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