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Jesse Miller reflection

This week we also had the opportunity to experience a presentation from Jesse Miller (@mediatedreality). This was hands-down my favourite presentation we have had this year in our program. I found the actual presentation to be engaging and very informative. I feel like I came away with so much knowledge but I didn’t feel “scared” like I often do after tech presentations.

I appreciated how a lot of the things he had to say were really relevant to our elementary school students that we will be working with. Miller reflected on how children who are using technology in pro-social ways are actually doing “quite well” and that children who play violent video games might not actually be violent kids (like we are constantly told). We also talked about if young kids actually need phones or social media and how phone issues in schools are often rooted in parent anxiety.

Some helpful tips for new teachers (or people in general) that I came away with from this presentation were;

  • Use only your professional device for professional related things
  • Don’t use your phone number when signing up for things because the computer will try to connect everything to it
  • Don’t add teachers that you work with on social media
  • Use your district email for all things school related, it is traceable.
  • Demonstrate acceptable use of technology to your students

Miller explained how we need to be focused on network citizenship with our students and ourselves. This includes; digital identity, digital rights, digital literacy, and use of communication networks (including social, professional, and personal).

Miller spent loads of time discussing how it is inappropriate for educators to share personal information or images of students on our personal social media accounts. For myself, I felt like this was really common knowledge and I feel like I would never even consider posting anything pertaining to my students on my personal social media. I would even feel hesitant to post anything on a classroom social media. I would need more information and permission from parents to be able to feel comfortable doing this.

We also had the opportunity to discuss what we should expect as teachers and public figures in terms of how we should be monitoring our own social media content. I think we are one of the first generations who has really grown up with social media and thus we have become quite aware of how social media can transfer into our reality. We discussed how even accounts that are “private” can be accessed by someone who really wanted to see them. This was a bit of a wake-up call because I have always had a false sense of security that if my accounts are private, I’m all good but I definitely need to be a bit more mindful of what is on my personal social media accounts.


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