Music Reflection #2

For our “dry run” lesson we focused on body percussion and integration of science into this chant. Overall, our lesson was okay. It was not a total “flop” but nor was it a lesson that went amazing.

At the time of the preparation of our lesson, we did not realize that we would be presenting this lesson to our class. We had just thought that we would be sharing to the class in the sense of just explaining what we would be doing instead of actually teaching it to everyone. I think had we known that we would actually be presenting, we would have prepared a bit more thoroughly and would have felt a greater sense of organization going into our presentation. Given that our group had 6 people in it, it made it a bit difficult for everyone to have a chance to present and for everyone to be involved. In future, I would’ve liked to feel more prepared and work with a smaller group when planning and presenting lessons.

We did a good job of integrating science into our lesson and keeping our students active and engaged. Using body percussion makes the lesson accessible and helps with classroom management. My favourite part of our lesson was that our sound effects that went with our chant actually sounded like a rainstorm and I think that the students would really like that. I also liked that we involved the students in deciding what actions and body percussion we would integrate into the chant.


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