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Audio, Video, and Image Editing

Several classes ago, we worked on audio and video editing. I knew how to edit videos and audio already but this class was a nice refresher. I edited a very meaningful video of my family and I enjoyed being able to edit it to be exactly what I wanted it to be. I found it helpful to be able to cut out the parts that weren’t necessary and found editing videos on my Macbook to be very user-friendly.

I have been running a fitness and lifestyle Instagram account to document my fitness journey while following through with my goals I set for myself in this class with regards to my open inquiry project. For this account, I have been editing the pictures that I have been taking as I go. I have also been creating little posts using different graphic design apps such as Adobe Spark and Pic Monkey.

I think I am still working on perfecting my photo editing skills. I have been inspired recently by influencers who have been creating and selling their own presets on photoshop-type apps. I think their presets are super nice and I am impressed by how their presets work with each photo that they are applied to. I tried creating my own presets on Adobe Lightroom CC and for the most part they work. I have been finding that I need to adjust certain aspects for them to really work with each one and sometimes they look really bad on certain photos. I’m still learning about how different aspects change the way the photo looks and I am enjoying discovering as I go.

Here is an example of my photo editing abilities (or lack of). The photo on the left is the original and the one on the right is after I had edited it by adjusting the exposure, contrast, highlights, and cropped it, etc. I also added a watermark.

My Post (7)

This is a little graphic that I made for my Instagram depicting the benefits of drinking water for your body and life. I made this using Adobe Spark and it was pretty easy.  I still struggle a bit with being original and think that most of the things that I create look a bit generic so I am trying to work on making my graphics a bit more unique.

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