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Distributed learning

I have had experience when I was in high school with distributed learning. I took 4 classes fully online and one “blended” online class.

I took PE 10 and 11 online because I was a very high-level swimmer and for me, it was a great option to log my training as PE online and then use my empty PE block to study and do homework. I had practices often twice each day so being able to take the time at school to have a free block to catch up on homework instead of trying to do it at night after training, was a great help. I found I had a lot of push-back from admin at my school and I believe if they could’ve they would not have permitted me to do online PE. The main concern of the administration at my school was that I wouldn’t complete it or be motivated enough to find the time to do it. I actually was able to get the courses done several months early and found the entire process to be easy. I did have to involve my coaches and get them to send me my workouts so I could log them. I loved being able to complete the work on my own time and having the extra time at school was very helpful.

I also took English 11 online. I did not have an incredible experience taking English 10 at my school. When discussing it with my grandma, a retired high school English teacher and vice principal, she suggested that I just do it online and go to her for guidance. Again, I was met with loads of push-back from the administration at my school. They were concerned I wouldn’t finish on-time (if at all) and that I wouldn’t be motivated enough to do it. I am a very motivated individual and am very good with my own time management (I credit this to swimming competitively all through high school). I again was able to finish the course quickly while receiving a mark that I was very happy with.

I also took Planning 10 online, which only took me six weeks. My Pre-Calculus 11 was a “blended” class, where half of it was in class and a half was online. As someone who struggles with math, I found this very challenging and would’ve almost prefered “traditional” math instruction. I found that not having someone actually walk me through each concept caused a lot of frustration and confusion.

I think that distributed learning is a necessary part of education. It might not be necessary for each student but it is necessary for the option to be there. Distributed learning creates learning that is accessible to everyone. Granted, there are some things that cannot be learned through online learning and need to be done face to face.

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