Music Reflections 9, 10, 11

Reflection #9:

My greatest professional strength as an educator who will teach music is my patience and organization. I have the patience to be able to work with my students to discover their musical abilities and teach them the musical curriculum. My organization will ensure that I am able to meet the needs of my learners and use music as a cross-curricular in my classroom.  

Reflection #10:

When I think about myself as a future educator teaching music, I feel excited and optimistic. I resonated with what has been said in class about not “decorating” with music in lessons and I intend to follow through with this. As someone who is hoping to teach French, I want to use music to teach about French, while still learning about music. I also feel nervous because I almost don’t feel qualified enough to be able to teach music while I myself feel like I have so much more to learn.

Reflection #11:

My greatest area of growth during the course has been in the area of my own musicality and in my comfort with music. Learning to play the piano has given me the space to explore something completely new and be gentle with myself while learning it. I feel like I have grown in knowing how capable I am and in my confidence with music. I also feel more and more comfortable each day with musicality in class.


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