augmented reality · coding · GAFE · QR codes · virtual reality

Augmented reality, Virtual reality, QR codes, coding, and GAFE

Our final class of the semester was absolutely packed with information. We began by watching several presentations from groups about their tech inquiry projects. It was interesting to see what others had worked on throughout the semester.

The last little bit of class was used to go over some final competencies that had yet to be explored. With all of them, I wish we had had more time to go over them in depth but I realize that we had a lot to get through.

One of the presentations done by a group for their tech inquiry was on coding. This is something that interests me because I feel like it is pretty relevant in today’s world. The website we were shown for coding was called Scratch. It was fairly easy to use and I think it is something that our students would enjoy. I found it a bit tricky at the beginning but once I got the hang of it, it was easier.

We then discussed GAFE (Google apps for education). In my grade 12 year in high school, my school was just starting to transition into using this so I did have a sense of this already. As a student, I liked using the program but only really used it for a few classes. I enjoyed having everything online. I wish we had gone over the concepts more in class. I am interested in becoming a Google educator and putting that on my resume. My only concern though is that I want to teach primary years and I’m not sure how useful it GAFE would be at that age.

QR codes were something that I was already familiar with and have used on projects already.  I find them super easy to create and to use. I did like how we looked at them critically and discussed how they can take up real estate on a project.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are ideas that I don’t really understand. While we went over them in class, I still don’t really understand them or know how to use them. I know that virtual reality can make you feel like you are somewhere else and makes it possible to explore a new place but I don’t really understand how to do it. From what I gather, augmented reality is just when you scan a certain place with the camera on your phone and are able to see a little animation.

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