Final Evidence of Growth

Over this semester I feel like I learned a lot about music and teaching music. Going into this course, I did not know anything about the piano or teaching music. I did have the tiniest bit of musical background in that I did band in middle school but that was a super long time ago and I had very little memory of it.

I found learning the piano to be a really steep learning curve. I initially started by trying to learn “properly” by learning scales and chords and how to read music, etc. I found that that was great for learning some of the basics but I got very bored quickly. Initially, I wanted to learn an Elton John song for my final. After looking at some of the music for his songs, I realized that was way beyond my abilities. I then started learning “All of Me” by John Legend. That went better but I still think it was a bit ambitious.

I found that playing with just my right hand was fine. It took some practice and learning but I was eventually able to get the hang of it. However, playing with two hands was a really big challenge for me. Even with practicing about 10-30 minutes every day, I still found it very challenging. My right hand is totally fine but once I try adding in my left everything fell apart. In my “All of Me” video, I tried to add in playing with both hands but I still made loads of mistakes throughout the video.

Overall I feel like I have accomplished something and feel like I could learn a few more simple songs which could come in handy with my teaching practice. I’d like to learn more nursery rhymes or French children’s songs to be able to use in the classroom.

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